Disability Advocates of Kent County

Our Impact

Home Assessments​

We help people review their living situation with one of our specialists to ensure accessibility on a personal level.

Youth Served

We help youth with disabilities learn, practice, and discuss independent living skills in a safe environment.

Equipment Pieces Loaned

Serving the Kent, Ionia, Montcalm, Mecosta, Osceola areas, we have occupational therapists who are able to assess equipment needs.

Transitions out of Nursing Homes

A person-centered program that works alongside consumers by providing support through the process of finding housing.

Disability Advocates of Kent County


Disability Advocates of Kent County was founded in 1981 by persons with disabilities who sought to help themselves and others with disabilities gain control over their own lives.

Disability Advocates is unique in that we are who we serve–75% of our board and 56% of our staff are people living with disabilities. This perspective provides us with tremendous knowledge and experience to support our constituents.

We strive to eliminate systemic barriers and enhance programs so that people with disabilities can live the self-directed life they choose. Our community benefits by becoming more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for all. We have become recognized locally and across the state, specifically for our transit advocacy, education, technical assistance on accessibility, and Universal Design through our Absolutely Accessible Kent program. 

Our community has an increased awareness of the need for accessibility and welcoming of persons with disabilities. This awareness stems from the changing perceptions of ability experienced by more active seniors as they age, the increased presence of persons with disabilities participating in the community, and the increased awareness of the barriers that prevent accessibility. 

We believe it is imperative to continue community education and technical assistance to increase the inclusiveness and accessibility of our built environment and create new best practices that incorporate Universal Design concepts. Our ultimate vision is access for all, regardless of ability.

Disability Advocates of Kent County



Do you want to offer your time, talent and skill to help your community? Reach out to find out about the many opportunities available with our team.


Donations make it possible to assist and help the disabled community and make our world more accessible for all.

Veteran Support

Disability Advocates of Kent County supports Veterans with disabilities by providing independent living resources and guidance and work-related training experiences.

Disability Education Programs

Become as informed as possible by signing up in one of our many disability educations programs and learn how you can better serve your community

Independent Living

We assist consumers with home modifications, equipment, resources, and funding options so they continue living independently in their own home.


We provide assessments, give insight, and make recommendations to organizations interested in creating an accessible environment for all.