Our People

Our team is here to help you, please contact anyone below to start your independent living journey.


Executive Director

Dave Bulkowski, JD

Development Director

Peggy Helsel

Associate Director

Bill Holmes, LMSW

Community Engagement & Advocacy Manager

Kim Davey

Operations Manager

Ellen Seese

Workforce Development Manager

Trina Edmondson

Occupational Therapy Department Manager

Judy Morris, OTR

HR & Finance Director

Karin Hopman

Independent Living Team Manager

Derrick Collins

Independent Living

Information and Referral Specialist

Jenny Markel

Independent Living Specialist

Kristen Kelling

Independent Living Specialist

Jacob Doorn

Community Engagement & Advocacy

Absolutely Accessible Kent Business Development Coordinator

Patrick Parkes

Community Organizer

Michael Williams

Accessibility Specialist

Jackson Botsford

Community Education Specialist

Jon Cauchi

Workforce Development

Benefits Navigator /ADA Employment Specialist

Shawn Arapovich, JD

Youth Transitions Specialist

Ella Bonner

Benefits & Employment Specialist

Chloe Bayer

Youth Transition Specialist

Nick Vanderwall

Occupational Therapy

Registered Occupational Therapist

Amanda TePastte, OTR

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Renee Thompson

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Marissa Pressler, COTA/L, CAPS

Occupational Therapist

Sarah Wheeler, MS, OTRL, CAPS 

Development & Finance

HR Assistant

Denise Blair

Annual Fund Manager

Nathan Slauer

Events & Administrative Assistant

Ashley Kadwell

Volunteer & Intern Coordinator

Courtney Redman

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