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Readiness, Workgroups and Advocacy


Are you ready for employment?

Disability Advocates offers engaging, interactive programs to help people with disabilities learn, practice, and discuss independent living skills in a safe and comfortable environment.

We work one on one or in small groups helping people with disabilities prepare for meaningful employment.  Identifying and learning how to eliminate or accommodate barriers to employment.  Other areas of focus include resume building, interview skills and job search tools that provide people with disabilities the confidence to succeed.

Employment Readiness Workshop

  • Tools needed for today’s ever-changing work environment.
    • Resume Building
    • Networking Skills
    • Interview Tips & Mock Interviews
    • Team Building Skills
    • Job Search
    • Workplace Accommodation

    ADA Employment Advocacy

    We work directly with individuals and employers who have a need for workplace accommodations. Disability Advocates is here to educate everyone because understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee is critical. This program exists to assist employers and workers to mold their workplaces and their jobs to fit specific disability-related needs.

    ADA Employment

    • Title I of the ADA employment (discrimination issues)
    • Help consumers understand what rights they have under Title I, what reasonable accommodations are, and work with them and their employer to get them
    • Meet with employer if necessary to be an advocate of consumer
    • Write letters of support for testing accommodations
    • Help consumers file complaints with EEOC or Michigan Department of Civil Rights if employer is uncooperative

    Other Legal Issues

    • Help consumers apply for naturalization to become a US citizen
    • Help consumers understand student loan issues (different payment plans)
    • Public Services Loan Forgiveness, disability discharge of student loans, etc
    • Helps consumers with expungement of criminal record
    • Answer basic legal questions when possible

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