Keyholder Circle

Independence happen when many facets work together creating a stable foundation. Accessibility, Advocacy, Employment, Housing, Independent Living and Transportation together form the complete Keyholder Circle.

By joining the Keyholder Circle at one of the following levels, you can help people with disabilities achieve independence and equality.

$500 – Supports one person for one year
to access programs and services like
information and referral, basic advocacy,
a home assessment or the Skill
Exploration Class. 

$1,000 – Supports two people for one year
to access services like purchasing a lift chair,
conducting an accessibility analysis of a
facility or training on adaptive equipment use

$2,500 – Supports five people to access
services like transitioning someone in a
nursing facility to living independently in
the community and learning how to
advocate for change by giving testimony,
educating our legislators on issues
important to people with disabilities.

$5,000 – Supports ten people to access
services like learning how to do community
organizing and developing leadership skills,
building a ramp or assessing one’s readiness
for employment. 

$10,000 – Supports twenty people to access
services like obtaining a list of accessible
housing options in Kent County or developing
interviewing and resume writing skills

$25,000 – Supports fifty people for one year in discovering their power and strength to live where and how they choose to live with independence, freedom and equality.