Disability Education

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We provide training through a combination of lecture and interactive discussions with the audience. They range from a basic one (1) hour Disability Decorum to expanded, topic specific (i.e. access, employment, health care, service industries, non-profits, faith groups, etc) designed specifically for your organization.

Part of creating a welcoming and accessible community for all individuals is making sure that all kinds of people are considered in areas of training will educate the staff of your organization or company about the importance of inclusion for people with disabilities.

We provide this training through discussions about:

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Our commitment to Disability Education

Disability Advocates dedication to improving accessibility within the community can be seen in their commitment to advocating for absolute access through their Accessibility Review, ADA Employment Advocacy programs, and more recently the Absolutely Accessible Kent program. The issue of accessibility has a large impact on the population as a whole (almost 20% or 1 in 5 persons) is currently characterized as having a disability. Due to modern health care and technology, people with disabilities are living longer and being joined by a growing senior population producing an ever increasing need for awareness and education regarding disability. Our Disability Education programs and Disability Decorum classes address this issue, as we conduct trainings through a combination of lecture and interactive discussion.

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