The First Days

The First Days         I received Doc and that first day we spent the time bonding and getting to know each other. We also took are first walk later that afternoon.         I was truly shocked on how well we were paired together. We worked well, our speeds matched, and honestly, he […]

A New Generation of Giving

Young people do not want to accept the status quo. They want to change the way our world works. By all accounts, the new generation of givers is doing just that. Millennials and Gen Z are changing philanthropy for the better. Many trends are overdue. The new generation expects results. It is not enough to […]

Your Voice is an Instrument

Let’s play a word association game. What images first come to mind when you picture a musical instrument? Perhaps you imagine a magnificent baby grand piano performing a dramatic classical piece by Mozart or Beethoven. On the opposite extreme, you might see someone shredding a wicked cool solo on a Fender guitar or belting out […]