A Magical Afternoon with Sara Hendren

Sara Hendren uses many titles: author, design researcher, parent advocate, and professor. Today, Hendren has earned a new title: wizard.  According to Dave Bulkowski, Executive Director of Disability Advocates of Kent County, Hendren brings together people from different disciplines in an almost magical form of collaboration and innovation. However, attendees of the Disability Remakes the […]

How We Are Helping People in Need During COVID-19

Photo of Izzie wearing a face mask

Despite the many disruptions caused by COVID-19, including our entire staff working from home, we are fortunate to continue making an impact in our community by helping people live independently. Izzie is a 37-year-old woman who spent time in ICU with double pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and unspecified respiratory failure, all exacerbated by a bad asthma […]

Monthly Highlight | Mission Moment

Older woman smiling over her shoulder at the camera

Why am I so passionate about supporting the Invest in Ability Dinner? Because throughout my life, I frequently experienced being dismissed, excluded, ignored, unable to access buildings or recreational areas, and not welcomed because of my disability.   Even more heartbreaking, I saw, and continue to witness, so many who encounter daily obstacles to live independent […]

Impact Story | Nursing Facility Transition – Allyson

Photo of a wmoan in a black long sleeve shirt

Allyson spent three months in a Nursing Facility following heart surgery. Unfortunately, the stairs in her previous apartment made it unsafe for her to return to the home she knew. While in the Nursing Facility, Allyson applied for several senior apartments and was placed on waiting lists. Once she was approved for an apartment, Disability […]

Impact Story | Ramp Build – Juanita

Group of people that have just finished building a ramp together

By working with Home Repair Services and the Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids, Disability Advocates was able to complete another ramp build for a low income senior who was not able to enter and exit her home safely or independently. This ramp build was part of the HBA’s 25th annual Community Repair Days. […]

Impact Story | Robbie

Robbie was happy to learn about the numerous community support programs and services available that help him live independently, and says, I’m excited and having fun! Robbie’s mom, Deb, shared that Robbie’s Autism has created some challenges for him in managing his everyday life skills. She recalls her frustrations in trying to find help in […]

Impact Story | Theresa White

Theresa White attended the Employment Readiness Workshops where she mastered the tools necessary and gained the confidence needed to find and secure employment. During the time Theresa was involved with the workgroup, she was fully engaged, learned a ton, and has since landed a job working for Enterprise. Each of our Employment Readiness Workshops consists […]

Impact Story | Quinn Shideler

We are thrilled to share the story of one of our consumers, Quinn! Quinn has, “wowed,” us with his determination and perseverance and we are thankful that our Family Support Services Program had the opportunity to play a part in his story. Our staff enjoyed working with Quinn to develop many skills related to Independent […]