The ‘Lived Experience.’

It is my hope that this blog becomes a space where we can reimagine and transform how we understand what is included in the word ‘disability’, and therefore we need the voices of everyone.

Who defines you?

…what is disability? Well, let’s start the conversation…

What scares me

I believe that one of the reasons it is hard for me is because the disability identity can be so hard to define. For example, sometimes there are months when I am so depressed and even getting out of bed is a challenge.

There is no normal.

In society, we do have unspoken rules about what is normal and what is not.  Being able to fit in with the “normal crowd” comes with a sense of belonging and privilege.  Ask any middle schooler.

We all have something . . .

I’m guessing that a lot of people reading this blog might be very upset at me for stating this. You might be angry that I am painting the experience of disability in such broad, unifying strokes. You might be angry that I use this statement to “normalize” our experience to those who don’t have disabilities.