Benefits Planning

Disability Advocates has Certified Benefits Practitioners who can answer questions, assist with SSI/SSDI and DHHS applications, explain benefit interactions, and help you plan for the future. We understand the intricacies and relationships of various programs such as:

  • Social Security & Other Disability Related Programs
    • SSI
    • SSDI
    • State Disability (Cash Assistance)
    • Workers Comp
    • Long/Short Term Disability
    • Unemployment
  • Health Benefits
    • Medicare
    • Medicaid
    • Private Health Insurance 
  • Veterans Benefits 
  • Social Security Work Incentives 
  • IDA/Special Needs Trusts

Benefits Counseling:

This program is for people who receive government benefits  from agencies such as Social Security Administration/Michigan Department of Health and Human Services/Medicare/Medicaid who are interested in working.  This service educates people on how their benefits will be impacted by working.  Giving people the knowledge and understanding to make informed choices when considering their employment goals.

  • Cornell-certified Work Incentives Planner (help consumers understand how earned income from employment will impact their Social Security benefits).
  • Help consumers understand how other benefits, such as short term disability, long term disability, unemployment, and workers’ compensation will work with your Social Security Benefits and vice versa.
  • Help consumers understand, apply for, and navigate other benefits.
  • Help consumers understand Food Stamps, Medicaid, Cash Assistance, and other MI Department of Health and Human Services benefits.

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