Why the ADA isn't enough

(and why you should care)

The ADA is over 30 years old

July 26th, 2020 marked the thirtieth anniversary of the historic Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In its more than three decades as a crucial piece of the American fabric, story, and lexicon, the ADA has undoubtedly become a landmark piece of civil rights legislation amidst ongoing progress and understanding around disability rights.

Unfortunately, the ADA continues to be misunderstood by large majorities of the general public both domestically and globally as a “silver bullet,” “gold-standard” set of accessible design standards. In reality, the ADA is a bare-minimum compliance framework. This becomes problematic because approaching accessibility as solely a compliance “problem” rather than an invitation to innovate poses a major missed opportunity for both businesses and communities. Disability is a diverse, cross-categorical minority group and societal context that ANYONE can join at ANY TIME—whether situationally, through a temporary injury, or a permanent disability.


Knowing this, let us help you put our expertise to work to execute a solutions-oriented process rooted in universal, inclusive design. Such a process designs FROM disability to arrive at physical spaces, products, and services that are optimally designed and easiest to use for EVERYONE—both with and without disabilities. 

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