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If the idea of an “accessibility disconnect” was not apparent prior to visiting this page, it likely is now.

Hopefully, it has become easier to see how accessibility offers unmatched breadth and depth as a business asset and an ultimate enhancer of both public and private spaces, programs, products, and events. Crafting each of these elements for natural access by and inclusion of people with disabilities ensures ease of use for and participation from ALL involved. Such ease of engagement, participation, and involvement for all should be the foundational starting point for all serious business and community efforts grounded in true diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Absolutely Accessible Kent team of experts at Disability Advocates of Kent County is excited to partner with you in putting accessibility to work for your organization wherever you may need it.


We can identify opportunities for added accessibility as part of current or existing spaces, programs, products, or events. 


We can also deliver unique educational programming aimed at understanding and accommodating disability as simply a natural part of human diversity that is just waiting to be deployed as your organization’s most promising untapped asset to date!