New Year, New Priorities

Folks, we are so excited for the new year! 2023 brings with it so many possibilities, and the Disability Advocates team plans to make the most of it.

Our new home at the Special Olympics Michigan Sports & Inclusion Center opens doors for us. Now it is time to make the most of this opportunity and build our community. 

As is tradition, we are making resolutions. Check out five of our goals for the new year below. 

Support the Veteran Community

Recently, we worked with a Veteran, who we will refer to as Mr. B. Mr. B is a wheelchair user with a history of health problems. In partnership with Kent County Veteran Services, we coordinated a ramp build that made life far easier for Mr. B. 

In 2023, we plan to expand our work with Veterans like Mr. B. Veterans face numerous barriers to reentry into civilian life, and we plan to remove those barriers.

Expand Community Outreach Efforts 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion plays a key role in our work. As such, the Independent Living team is making an effort to connect with marginalized communities that do not not often participate in our services.

The Black & Brown Community Partners Luncheon (BBCPL) brings together individuals from a wide range of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. This series will take place on a quarterly basis starting at the NAACP during spring. 

Invite People to the Home Accessibility Center

Big things are in store for the Home Accessibility Center! This innovative space provides world-class examples of universal design as well as adaptive equipment in our loan closet. 

We cannot reveal all of our plans just yet. Stay tuned for some exciting updates, events, and educational demonstrations!

Engage Emerging Leaders

All too often, young professionals assume they are too inexperienced to take on leadership roles in the community. However, we believe that our youth are a valuable addition to our community. Everyone should have the chance to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to philanthropy.

Individuals under the age of 40 are invited to participate in our Next 40 group. Next 40 will host regular networking events, service projects, and fundraisers.

Laugh a Little

The annual Laughfest event is no joke. Comedians from across the country gather together to tell jokes in West Michigan. 

Don’t believe us? Check out host comedian D.J. Demers on March 8 at Special Olympics Michigan. You will be sure to have a belly laugh and learn about some other exciting upcoming events along the way. 

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