An Update on the Go!Bus System

Byron Township voted not to renew their contract for Rapid service. When Disability Advocates of Kent County moved to the Special Olympics Unified Sports & Inclusion Center (SOMI), it was paramount for us to have both mainline and Go!Bus service all day. Our partner agencies picked up a contract for the difference to reinstate midday service (9am-3pm) for the route 10 south-end loop. This vote by Byron Township effectively would end service south of 54th street Meijer for Route 10 for morning and evening trips (6-9am and 3-6 pm). Immediately we organized to pick up the remainder of this contract to maintain current levels of service.

Starting on August 22, the Route 10 south end loop will no longer run out of 54th St Meijer. Now the bus will turn east on 54th St exiting Meijer and get on 131 Southbound to exit at 68th St. It will go Eastbound on 68th ST with stops in front of SOMI and at Pine Rest and Spectrum South before turning around on Pine Rest campus to head back westbound on 68th St. to 131 Northbound to 54th St and resume service as usual.

If you or your consumer received this letter, we want to make sure you understand whether or not your service will be effected.

If your only rides are to the SOMI campus but you are traveling from outside Byron Township, your service will remain uninterrupted.

If you usually use services to get close to Pine Rest or Spectrum, you will now have service directly to those locations.

If you use Go!Bus to go elsewhere in Byron Township,
If you use the Mainline along Clyde Park or Division between 54th St. and 68th St. or on 68th St. or 54th St between Clyde Park and Division
If you live in Byron Township

Your service will likely be interrupted.

We understand this can be confusing. We are trying our best to help everyone understand these changes.
If you are still unsure about whether or not your service will be effected, please call The Go!Bus call center at 616-456-6141 or the Rapid information center at 616-776-1100.


Community Organizer Michael Williams

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