The First Days

        I received Doc and that first day we spent the time bonding and getting to know each other. We also took are first walk later that afternoon.

        I was truly shocked on how well we were paired together. We worked well, our speeds matched, and honestly, he is the best pairing that I have ever had.

        During our first couple of day, the trainer, Phil, is attached to us with a leash as well, to help ease us into working together. Phil let us go on our first independent walk on our first full day as a team. Doc and I preformed pretty darn well if I do say so myself. We did make some minor errors, but that’s to be expected the first couple of days.

         The first couple of days we are focusing on downtown Rochester where Leader Dogs has a training center. The dogs are all familiar with the area, so we are easing them into the more difficult routes. On Monday is when we will start going to other cities like, Royal Oak and Birmingham.

         So far training has gone very well, and I can’t wait to get back home and work him in my home environment.

Peace for now.

Nick VanderWall