Issue Day

Today is finally the day! Issue day has arrived. That is the day that all the students have been waiting for, the day we get are Leader Dogs. The feels were all here this morning. I walked into the dining room for breakfast, and you could just feel all the emotions in the room. Some were extra talkative, and others were silent in excited anticipation.

              After breakfast we all head back to our rooms and wait until we get are dogs. You seriously have nothing to do. I try and stay busy, but I can feel the butterflies building.

              I can hear outside my room, and they are delivering dogs, but not my room. Oh, wait, I heard a knock on the door… Nope not me, my neighbor.

              So, what they do is the trainers knock on your door, and let you know the name, weight, birthday, and breed. Then there is nothing left to do besides pace your room or sit in the chair waiting the ten or so minutes until they deliver your dog.

              The second knock is when they barge into your room, and you are supposed to enthusiastically call your dog’s name.

              Then you and your dog are supposed to do as much bonding as you can before going out to work.

              So, I received my Leader Dog, and his name is Doc. He is a Golden Lab, He weighs 72 pounds, and his birthday is October 26, 2020. He reminds me of my first Leader Dog Toby. Toby was tall, and just a little bigger than Doc.

              My emotions were on over drive. I teared up for a little bit knowing that Doc was my working partner for years to come. We are still bonding until lunch, and after that we will work on heeling and then work him around the practice course.

              I will continue to update you on our progress.

Peace for now.


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