A New Generation of Giving

Young people do not want to accept the status quo. They want to change the way our world works. By all accounts, the new generation of givers is doing just that.

Millennials and Gen Z are changing philanthropy for the better. Many trends are overdue.

The new generation expects results. It is not enough to donate once and never hear from an organization about their impact. The expectation is that a gift results in measurable change to social issues like hunger, housing, and education. 

Data matters more than ever. To understand their gift’s impact, millennials and Gen Z donors are more likely to study where their dollars go and how organizations tackle challenges.

Technology serves as a major driver, too. Over 95% of young adults own a smartphone, and they are inclined toward sharing information online, using social media, and participating in crowdfunding campaigns. 

At Disability Advocates, we want to embrace these changes and invite a new generation to bring about the community they want to see. After celebrating the organization’s first forty years, we are setting our sights on what the next forty years might look like.

That is why we are launching Next 40. This group encourages young professionals to engage in philanthropy, network with other changemakers, and bring their leadership and problem-solving skills to the table. For those of you who want to shake things up, here is your chance! It’s your time to get involved, bring about structural change, and advocate for what you want the next forty years to look like.

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