How We Are Helping People in Need During COVID-19

Photo of Izzie wearing a face mask

Despite the many disruptions caused by COVID-19, including our entire staff working from home, we are fortunate to continue making an impact in our community by helping people live independently.

Izzie is a 37-year-old woman who spent time in ICU with double pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and unspecified respiratory failure, all exacerbated by a bad asthma attack in late March.

After Izzie’s transfer to an area nursing and rehab center, she was connected to Jeanette, our Nursing Facility Transition Services Specialist. Izzie wanted to return to her own home as soon as possible, but did not have family in the area who could help her do so safely.

Thanks to the internet and online shopping skills, in less than two weeks, Jeanette had arranged to have the carpets deep-cleaned to eliminate allergens, furniture delivered, and several needed items purchased online, including an air purifier and humidifier to aid in Izzie’s healthy breathing.

Like many others leaving the hospital or a rehab center, returning to the community with a weakened immune system in the middle of a pandemic was a very real fear for Izzie. We are so happy we were able to help.

Izzie reports she is feeling much better and, not surprisingly, is thrilled to be home! Her gratitude shown through in her numerous messages to Jeanette. “Thank you so much… I was just speaking to my counselor about getting home and your help made it so much easier!”

Learn more about our Nursing Facility Transition program here.

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