OT Month Feature

Our Occupational Therapists are experts in the area of home evaluations. We evaluate the needs of persons with disabilities or those with life changes due to aging. We want to highlight the fact that we not only serve Kent County, but also Ionia, Montcalm, Mecosta, and Osceola. We are able to do this with grant funding, and with a contract with have with the Michigan Assistive Technology Program. We want to highlight our programs for those who are hearing impaired. In Kent County, if you are a low income senior, you may qualify for funding assistance for hearing aids with funding provided by Kent County Senior Millage. There are other devices that also assist those who are hearing impaired, this is Lester’s story, he lives in Mecosta county and was referred to us by his case manager from Area Agency on Aging. The referral was for a flashing doorbell he could see, and not rely on sound.

His family expressed concerns that he is not able to hear the doorbell when he is home alone.

Our OT team brought out a pocket talker for this evaluation as she was aware that he had difficulty hearing. She consumer trial it and he ended up liking it and decided to keep the pocket talker, He stated “I can hear so much better now”.

Our COTA did a follow up home visit after we had researched and purchased a strobe doorbell for him. It was installed and worked well for him. His daughter called during visit and appreciates the portable doorbell for now but would like information for a hardwired strobe doorbell. Our COTA then noticed that Lester’s TV was at 88% volume. She told him about TV ears and he was interested. She installed those and again her was very pleased with them. Both the pocket talker and the TV ears allow you to hear better. We did a follow up email to the care manager, and gave his daughter resources for a more permanent, wired door bell. We gave them this resource.

This is just one example of the great work done daily by our therapists. Please contact Lisa at 616-949-1100 extension 255 if you or someone you know needs Assistive Devices.