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We hear it every day, “unemployment is at an all-time low”! This is not so true for people with disabilities. Now is the best time for employers to tap into the pool of workers in this population. People with disabilities bring a different perspective and creative spirit to the table. If you are looking to be innovative, problem solve, or have needs that are not being met, it is time to look at us. We possess not only the skills and education but also a dedication and commitment that is driven by passion, excellence and trust.

Impacting the lives of people and veterans with service connected disabilities.

The programs and services we provide include:

  • Peer support, which means that a person with disabilities will work with another person with disabilities who has experienced similar barriers and can offer the perspective that best relates to them.
  • Employment readiness assessments offer an opportunity to experience working in a safe place without fear of failure. Giving the time needed to work through personal and social circumstances to become stable and ready for competitive employment or retraining for the career of their choice. Identifying barriers to employment and creating solutions to those barriers, such as workplace accommodations. Understanding the ADA and your rights and responsibilities as a person with a disability in the workplace. Learning the language to use when talking about your disability with an employer. Resume, career exploration, interviewing skills and more.
  • Independent living supports help people identify barriers to participating and accessing their home and community. We help identify resources that align with the priorities/goals of the person and they choose what fits best for them.


Trina Edmonson – Workforce Development Manager

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