Impact Story | Nursing Facility Transition – Allyson

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Allyson spent three months in a Nursing Facility following heart surgery. Unfortunately, the stairs in her previous apartment made it unsafe for her to return to the home she knew. While in the Nursing Facility, Allyson applied for several senior apartments and was placed on waiting lists. Once she was approved for an apartment, Disability Advocates’ Nursing Facility Transitions (NFT) team worked to coordinate many aspects of her transition.

We assisted Allyson in the following ways:

  • Moving her personal possessions to her new apartment
  • Financial assistance covering portions of her security deposit and first month’s rent
  • Purchasing furniture, including a recliner and stools
  • Purchasing groceries and various household items and supplies
  • Application assistance for a Bridge Card
  • We also collaborated with Disability Advocates’ Occupational Therapy department to provide Allyson a shower chair                                                                                      

Allyson moved to her new apartment at the beginning of March. Since then, our Transition Coordinator Amanda has continued to follow along with Allyson on a weekly basis to ensure she is receiving the support she needs to stay independent in the community.

Allyson shared that she was thankful for the NFT teams help with the “physical and emotional heavy lifting” involved with the transition and the move to her new apartment.  Allyson was happy to have choices and thankful for the role of the NFT team in bringing her goals of living independently in the community into reality. 

If you would like more information about the NFT program, please give us a call or click here. 

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