Impact Story | Theresa White

Theresa White attended the Employment Readiness Workshops where she mastered the tools necessary and gained the confidence needed to find and secure employment. During the time Theresa was involved with the workgroup, she was fully engaged, learned a ton, and has since landed a job working for Enterprise.

Each of our Employment Readiness Workshops consists of a group setting where individuals work together to increase their employability. The meetings focus on resume preparation, job hunting, interview skills, job site accommodations all of which help develop the confidence to succeed.

After completing the coursework, each student practices skills they learned by participating in mock interviews. The group also works together to submit online job applications which can be overwhelming to do on your own due to the level of detail required.

“When participants work together and learn from one another, it’s that moment when you see a higher level of confidence that makes every class rewarding. Theresa is a great example of the hundreds of people that we have helped” says Denise Borges, Employment Specialist at Disability Advocates of Kent County.

Note: Disability Advocates connected with Theresa through Michigan Rehabilitation Services.

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