Impact Story | Robbie

Robbie was happy to learn about the numerous community support programs and services available that help him live independently, and says, I’m excited and having fun!

Robbie’s mom, Deb, shared that Robbie’s Autism has created some challenges for him in managing his everyday life skills. She recalls her frustrations in trying to find help in the past, For years, I have been searching for programs to help Robbie, and kept running into roadblocks or meeting people who couldn’t help him with anything, but one specific area of his life. This was all very exhausting and frustrating for both Robbie and me.”

Thanks to Family Support Services, Robbie now has Medicaid, Social Security, food benefits and has connected with Network180 for their Community Living support services. He enjoys the one-on-one time with his worker learning how to cook, ride the bus, manage his finances, and keeping up on his computer and writing skills. He also won three awards in his Toastmasters group for providing the best topic speech!

Robbie is a devoted advocate, and readily shares with others what it is like to grow up with Autism. Through sharing his experience, combined with some of his recent adventures in learning, Robbie has grown a strong sense of confidence which allows him to thrive in his community. He is enjoying full-time employment at D&W as a Produce Associate, which fits him perfectly. He loves the opportunity to interact with a variety of people. His co-workers have nicknamed him “Three-in-One” because he does the work of three people!

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