Impact Story | Ramp Build – Juanita

Group of people that have just finished building a ramp together

By working with Home Repair Services and the Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids, Disability Advocates was able to complete another ramp build for a low income senior who was not able to enter and exit her home safely or independently. This ramp build was part of the HBA’s 25th annual Community Repair Days.

Juanita received her new ramp and says, I feel safer now. My family won’t have to carry me down the steps in my wheelchair anymore when I go to my doctor appointments.

This is one more testament to the way our Adaptive Home Solutions program has helped those that have limited ability to enter and exit their homes. It’s a great feeling to contribute our time and energy while working alongside other local organizations to help a person with limited ability gain safe and independent access to their own home and community, says Renee Thompson, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist at Disability Advocates.

Over the last several years, our Adaptive Home Solutions program has helped many individuals remain safe in their homes by providing home assessments for wheelchair ramps, bathroom modifications, and adaptive equipment.

While it would be ideal to work with builders on new construction, the majority of the individuals and families that we work with have a strong desire to stay in their own home. The bulk of our work is modifying existing homes and providing tools that make everyday life easier and safer, thus we call our program Adaptive Home Solutions!

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