The Nursing Facility Transitions program (NFT) assists residents of nursing homes that have a desire to live in the community by addressing and helping them to overcome a variety of barriers to living independently. The program is for persons that have Medicaid. The NFT program is person-centered and works alongside consumers by providing support through the process of finding appropriate housing and affording the initial housing costs. The program can also assist in securing household items, help with the physical move, and provide guidance to consumers in establishing community-based supports after the transition.

You may be eligible for our services if you are:

  • Living in a nursing facility.
  • Receiving Medicaid in the nursing facility.
  • Wanting to live in the community.
  • Experiencing roadblocks to moving out.
  • Receiving enough income to support yourself.

Do you…

  • Want to move back into the community?
  • Know someone who wants to move out of a nursing facility?
  • Know all of your options?


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