As children grow into adulthood, abilities, needs, and the nature of available resources changes. Additionally, as family members age, their needs for additional aid may become more apparent.

We direct families, that have adult dependents with disabilities, to the many community, healthcare, education, and financial supports available to ensure households have all they need to make informed choices that improve the lives of all family members.

Self Determination

is characterized by a person making their own choices and decisions based on their interests, preferences, and abilities so they are determining and directing the achievement of their own goals.
Self Determination plays a key role in achieving success with Family Support Services

Independent Living Skills

Training and coaching on self-determination, life planning and transition opportunities, independent decision making, activities of daily living, public and personal transportation, housing, educational opportunities, and engaging in social activities.

Financial Transition Planning and Supplemental Income Resources

A critical step to receiving services is insuring good planning and access to financial resources. We provide guidance on Department of Human Services and Social Security.

Accessing Community Living and Home Help Supports

Services are available to support activities of daily living. We support your efforts to navigate the resources and understand the process to receive needed services for specialized needs, and hiring support services.

Guardianship and Power of Attorney

Providing differentiation, value, process, and the options of establishing a guardianship or power of attorney.

Healthcare Resources

Providing guidance and information to the individual and his/her family on how to explain health issues, illness or disability; and navigating the healthcare system related to healthcare appointments and benefits available.

  • Describing a chronic illness or disability
  • Taking responsibility for medication
  • Knowing how to call the doctor to make an appointment
  • Knowing about medical insurance coverage
  • Knowing how to request medication refills


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