We work directly with individuals and employers who have a need for workplace accommodations. Disability Advocates is here to educate everyone because understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee is critical. This program exists to assist employers and workers to mold their workplaces and their jobs to fit specific disability-related needs.

Program Provides Assistance to Both Employers and Employees:

  • Education and resources for employers to implement proper accommodation processes so that individuals with disabilities can get the accommodations necessary to do their job.
  • Education for employers about the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities and why hiring persons with disabilities benefit companies’ productivity, community relations and workplace morale.
  • Understanding of tax credits available to employers who provide accommodations for employees with disabilities.
  • Help explore options and appropriate accommodations through written communications, phone calls, and in -person meetings in order to facilitate dialog between the employee and their employer.
  • Services that empower individuals with disabilities to have meaningful work opportunities with confidence and pride in their capabilities.
  • Being gainfully employed gives anyone a sense of accomplishment, independence, economic self-sufficiency, equal opportunity, and full participation in our society, which will enhance all aspects of life.
  • Education for employees that will assist them in requesting accommodations and how to disclose their disability.

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