Employability Work Group

Employability Work Group

Disability Advocates of Kent County offers Employment Readiness Workshops and one-to-one coaching to prepare Individuals with disabilities to actively seek and gain employment.

The workshops address crucial issues that help individuals gain self-confidence and the ability to appropriately promote their skills and attributes to potential employers. Employment Readiness Workshops are highly interactive and productive with tools and materials provided throughout each of the five days. Additional coaching is provided outside of the workshops to reinforce trainings.

What We Do

  • Resumes
  • Identifying Personal Strengths
  • Interview Skills
  • Mock Interviews
  • Elevator Scripts
  • Disability Disclosure Script
  • ADA/Illegal Questions

Program Parts

The common thread throughout the entire series is “Who Defines You”. This addresses the major barriers for individuals with a disability who are considering entering the workforce. We address barriers such as:

  • Feelings of inadequacy, low expectations, or fear
  • Bitterness because of disability
  • Procrastination
  • Reluctance to seek help
  • Uncomfortable feelings when networking and building relationship with others
  • Depression, anxiety, or powerlessness

Identifying Personal Strengths

Individuals seeking work rarely know their full worth. It is crucial to identify gifts and talents and identify skills from previous employment or experiences that may be transferred to a new work situation. In these classes, you will learn how to confidently express your attributes in a concise and well-crafted “personal elevator script”

Interview Skills

Interviews can be scary. What questions will be asked? How do you respond? What if there is a question that can’t be answered? All of these issues will be discussed, and we will help you develop and practice your responses. Appropriate dress and personal grooming tips are offered so that you feel comfortable and confident in the way you present yourself.

Resume Guidance

Even before getting an interview, a well-crafted resume is what helps people “stand out from the crowd." Individual coaching and consultation on the content and style of a resume is crucial to capturing and holding the attention of an employer.

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