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Though I have had disabilities my entire life, my identity as a member of the community, and my advocacy within the world of disability are fairly recent journeys. For many years, I wanted to keep my professional and personal identities separate from my Cerebral Palsy and my blindness. These are things I “just dealt with” on a daily basis. However, life has a funny way of changing my perspective, and since the completion of my undergraduate and graduate work, I have learned that my talents as a writer, my passions as an advocate, and my personal life experiences have brought me to this season of life where I am embracing every uncomfortable, beautiful, strange and wonderful thing about my disabilities. I’m proud of how far my personal journey has brought me, and I am eager to continue growing and wrestling with these professional, societal and personal ideas about the “disabled” life.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Writing from Calvin College and a Master of Social Work degree from Western Michigan University.  Outside the world of advocacy and writing, my interests include examining the intersection of faith and disability, watching classic Hollywood films with loved ones, and drinking hot tea on chilly autumn evenings.

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