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I first learned about disability when I was 3 years old and my younger sister, Kylee, was born. Kylee was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a condition that affects many of her abilities. Later on in life, I learned more about disability when I was diagnosed with a form of dyslexia, ADHD, and also depression. Lately, I spend my time thinking about the dilemmas between medical ethics and disability justice, the intersections between disability and other identities, and looking for spaces and places to encourage the mental health disabilities pride movement. I see this blog as a chance for me to remind myself and society that we need people with disabilities and as a place for me to wrestle in a healthy way with my own feelings of powerlessness and frailty. I have a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Calvin College and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan. My interests are in community organizing,  social justice, and building healthy communities.

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