ADA Employment Advocacy

ADA Employment Advocacy

We work directly with individuals/employers who have experienced disability related discrimination or require workplace accommodations. When you need advocacy paired with the proper knowledge, Disability Advocates is here to fight for equal levels of accessibility for all regardless of disability. The program exists to assist workers to mold their workplaces and their jobs to fit their disability-related needs on the knowledge of their rights.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Advocates for protection from pretense in event of termination from one's job because of a disability.
  • Assistance with the filing of complaints, as granted by law, when treated with discrimination due to a disability, being released from a position due to a disability, or suffering either based on a false perception of having a disability.
  • Education for companies on how to be more flexible and creative in working with individuals with disabilities.
  • Services that empower individuals with disabilities to have meaningful work opportunities, and to have pride in their capabilities. Simultaneously, it eliminates the need to rely on public assistance, or feel as if they are a burden to their loved ones.
  • Increased integration with social benefits of a work place, such as the benefits of team work, collaborative efforts, being productive, and contributing to successful projects, as well as wages, bonuses, and other insurance-related benefits.
  • Providing gainfully employed individuals which allows for integration into social occurrences outside of work by virtue of pride in earning an income, being respected, and the equalizing power of financial status.

Program Provides:

  • Knowledge of laws and rules that people need to know in order to assert their right to perform the essential functions of their job with or without accommodations.
  • Help explore appropriate accommodations.
  • Written communications that employees can use as a model for their own communications with their employer.
  • Written communications, phone calls, and in -person meetings in order to facilitate dialog between the employee and their employer.
  • Assistance to the employee in determining the appropriate person/department to contact for purposes of disclosure of a disability, or for purposes of requesting accommodations.
  • Meeting with employers in order to discuss the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities, and to discuss the reasons why hiring persons with disabilities benefit companies' productivity and assets.
  • Discussion surrounding the costs that can occur by not complying with laws governing employees with disabilities.

How does this all value the employer?

  • The employer experiences very positive results and significant advantages when employing persons with disabilities.
  • Employees appreciate working for employers who value their employees, will work with their employees to eliminate barriers, help solve individual production issues, and work to help employees in their workplace.
  • Employees appreciate efforts made on their behalf, which translates increased morale among all workers, and increased productivity.
  • Individual employees are not forced to face interruptions in weekly income, the complications of trying to work with the Unemployment Insurance Agency, fighting for short or long term disability payments with employers and insurance companies, the need to search for other work when also coping with the challenges of living with a disability, fear, insecurity and sometimes, seemly impending destitution.
  • By retaining workers with disabilities in the workplace, our disabled workers maintain independence, economic self-sufficiency, equal opportunity, and full participation in our society.
  • Some companies are very good at hiring qualified persons who happen to have a disability, and establishing and maintaining dialogue necessary to retain those workers as productive and valued members of the workforce. Other company have much to learn and we are here to help guide, coach, and mentor through that process.

Formal Complaint Process

Complaints taken to the State and Federal agencies meet with various outcomes. Some are mediated by the agency, many are allowed to take their claim into court. Our center for independent living, Disability Advocates of Kent County, consistently supports persons who make legitimate complaints throughout the entire process.
We assist with the areas below:

  • Document preparation
  • Supportive attendance at hearings
  • help in obtaining legal representation
  • help to interpret agency mailings and directives
  • consult with outside parties as necessary for empowerment of workers with a disability who are struggling in their workplace, who have been wrongly treated in their workplace, or wrongly discharged by their workplace.

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